Database Design and Implementation

Databse Design

Database Design and Implementation to support complex business backoffice architecture. Again, experience that counts. The Info-Power team has real world experience in the latest mobile-centric databases like CoreData and SQLite.

We also have extensive experience in other SQL products like MSSQL, Oracle, Ingres, Postgres, MySQL, Informix, DB2, and Sybase. Info-Power can map data from your business system and provide the means to display your data on a mobile device.

We can help you provide the following categories of data to any mobile device:

Customers, Sales Reps, Inventory, Sales Orders, Scheduled Shipments, Vendors, Purchase Orders, Scheduled Receipts, Sales History, and Financial Data.

You can identify by device which tables will be available to a given mobile device. For instance, a device may have access to Sales Orders and Inventory, but no access to Financial Information.

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